Transformative Repetition of Expressivity | text Immerwährend | electronic Das andere Selbe | for variable instrumentation Bytebeat | for MIDI-controlled piano Lori | electronic Miniatur | for piano Milton | an algorithmic composition tool in Python Uhrkanon II | for four voices and electronics NIBBLES.BAS | for one performer, live electronics and video projection Morph us (music for theater) | for one performer, installation and computer QUST | an audio-visual rhythm composition tool Uhrkanon I | for four voices Blocks | for temple-blocks, wood-blocks and live electronics Kinderlied | electronic MVTO | a Unix command for pattern-based file renaming Song | for string quartet Allein | for piano Autonomie | for flute, cello and piano Small Music | for piano four-hands Klarenz | a LilyPond wrapper in Python For Neli | for piano apart | for violin and piano Studie | for piano